Monday, April 14, 2008

Another What Might Have Been Moment

It was 10 pm on Friday night, and I was putting my cell phone in my man purse. I was on my way to go see The Bank Job at the theater across the street from work. The Bank Job was playing at 10:20 pm. I was all set to go see a solid bank heist movie. Then I wasn't set. I decided to stay home and work on my spec script like all diligent wannabe writers should do. After writing for a few hours and eating a box of Cheez-its, I checked the news. There under the El Segundo section of my Google News was a story. Apparently, at 10:15 pm there was a shoot-out between two police officers and a young man. It left the young man dead and the two officers wounded. Where did this all take place? You guessed it. Cue the X-files theme music.


Anonymous said...


I'm glad you weren't near there!!


bobby said...

I wish you HAD been there. Not hurt of course, but there. Cause it would only add to the mystique that IS Brad. You mean, you were THERE?, they would all ask. And Brad would just sort of half-nod without looking at you and say, "Yeah." Oh, what might have been!

Ben said...

Yeah, you should have been there. Notice the bystander that was involved was only injured, not killed. That could have been you and just think what a babe magnet THAT scar would have been. Yes, yes, what might have been.

Sam said...

Yeah, Brad. It's all about the scars. I have so much to learn.