Thursday, November 08, 2007

Well That Didn't Last Long (Update)

Earlier tonight CBS told out show to layoff all the assistants in the writer's department. They are going to try to keep us on as PA's for a few days a week. My thinking is that I'm already ahead of the curve with this extra week so I might just give those hours to those who need it. Which means as of now I am without a job. I'm not that concerned because I have enough to last till January at least. My concern is that this strike is nowhere near ending. The producers and writers aren't even talking now. I understand that the writers deserve a piece of the new media pie, but this pissing match everyone has gotten into is helping nobody.

CBS has changed their minds and given us next week to work as well. So one more glorious week! Also, I was able to get to the last tier in Guitar Hero 3 last night on the hard difficulty. It was one of the proudest moments of this year. Then I attempted Metallica's "One" and failed the song three seconds into the guitar solo. Talk about deflating. But one more week of work!

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JIFF Divingboard said...

If there was any way for us all to see a little video footage of you playing Guitar Hero... well, I think we'd all like that very, very much.