Saturday, November 03, 2007

Strike Update!

Here is what's going down. Monday morning the writers will be on strike. What does that mean to me? Well, it's not that bad because our show still has shooting to do. Everyone is still employed till we are finished shooting which should be around the end of November. They didn't have to this but they are keeping those of us in the writers' dept. around. We will be helping out production where they need us. So, I have a job for month longer than I thought. I assumed that once the writers' went on strike we'd be out as well. But the mayor called and I got a month's stay of economic execution. Actually it 's not even that bad, because I kind of prepared for this to happen. Now I have an extra month to save even more. Still if the writers and producers don't come to some agreement during November, I will be out of job as well as 10,000 other people in this town. If nothing happens in November I suspect it will be a long time till everyone comes together in agreement. With the actors and directors contracts up in June 08, they might wait till then and have at least the actors and writers unified. But really nobody has any idea on when whatever is supposed to happen is supposed to happen. The good news is I got an extra month to work, and this strike will help me and others down the road who are pursuing a career in this crazy business.

I'd also like to welcome back Friday Night Lights. Tonight's episode was fantastic from start to finish. It's the first episode this season that could compare to any of last season's. Just stellar stuff.


Sam said...

Glad to hear you've got another month! Still. You should come work in London. Fantastic weather all year round: cold, wet and cloudy.

Anne Marie said...

Happy strike day!

Bradford said...

Thanks Anne Marie. It's odd coming into work and driving by striking co-workers, who you support. Because I work for CSI: Miami, I have to enter and leave through the back gate even though there are strikers at that gate as well. For an update, word is that the WGA tried to settle Sunday night by taking their request for an increase in DVD revenues off the table. That deal was still refused by the producers. So, it looks like the producers want to try to break these Hollywood unions up. That means this could be a very very long strike.

faith said...

I'm sorry for this strike and what it will mean for yourself and other support people. I back unions, and I hope that the writers will get what they want/need.

Strange, in my idealistic, Canadian way I always assumed that Hollywood would be generally more supportive of their 'people' but I guess they are just like other corperations.