Thursday, August 09, 2007

Rock N Roll Questionnaire or (Fun with Album Covers!)

See if you can follow along kids with this experiment. Please leave your answers in the comments. If you have another answer, please feel free to include those.

So you are going to take an trip to another planet.
1. What is your spaceship of choice?

A. Boston's guitar spaceship that apparently has the power to fire a blue blaze of rock?

B. Electric Light Orchestra's Simon spaceship from Out of the Blue.

C. ZZ Top's part classic Chevy part Space shuttle from Afterburner.

D. Parliament's mothership from the Mothership Connection. Durability might be an issue.

Now that you have your spaceship you need a someone to fly the darn thing.

2. Who is your pilot?

A. Marc Bolan from T. Rex's The Slider.

B. David Bowie from his Aladdin Sane album. Previous space missions could be a red flag.

C. Elton John's Captain Fantastic.

D. Steve Miller's the Joker.

3. Who is your crew?

A. The group of misfits from The Doors' Strange Days album.

B. The Bee Gees from their Children of the World album.

C. Manowar.

D. Barry and Glodean

Space travel isn't the safest so you are also going to need weapons.
4. What is your killing device?

A. Foo Fighter's retro laser gun.

B. Molly's Hatchet

C. GZA's aka The Genius' Liquid Swords.

D. The big ass gun from RZA's Bobby Digital in Stereo album.

Having a pet could also help ease the pains of space travel.
5. What will you bring along as a pet?

A. The three legged dog from Alice in Chains self-titled album.

B. The metal falcon? from Judas Priest's Screaming For Vengeance album.

C. The goats from Pet Sounds.

D. This ape thing from Fleetwood Mac's Mystery to Me album.

6. What planet are you going to?

A. The land on the album cover of Yes' Relayer.

B. Asia's Alpha album cover.

C. Styx' Land of Illusion

D. Public Enemy's Black Planet.

You have reached the end of this questionnaire. Please put down your pencils and close the book.


Ben said...

okay, spaceship is definitely the Parliament's mothership. I must however, object to the second question, as the Parliament comes with their own captain in George Clin'on. If I have to choose another captain it would have to be David Bowie. As far as a crew goes, I 'm torn between the Bee Gees and the misfits...but, I'm going with the Bee Gees. The weapon of choice is Foo Fighter's retro laser gun. hmmm...ape thing or three legged dog, ape thing or three legged dog...let's go with ape thingy. And we're all on a trip to the black planet.

JIFF Divingboard said...

Bradford... this is a wonderful little work of e-art. This is the kind of jokey thing that gets linked to in mass portions... and Wired Mag makes a reference to. WELL DONE!

And, yeah, that FooGun is the greatest.

bobby said...

Awesome. I don't know most of these covers, and only some of the bands, but:

SHIP: Boston, cause I imagine they'd have More Than A Feeling on loop.

PILOT: Elton John, cause he's the rocket man, and cause his resume had glitter on it for some reason.

CREW: Barry/Glodean, to balance out Elton John's flaming-ness.

WEAPON: the Bobby Digital giant green gun, cause he's named Bobby, and cause he's got the hos and a flying van to boot.

PET: Beach Boys Goats, cause they'd probably have some funny Brian Wilson stories, and cause they'd be good eatin' in a pinch.

DESTINATION: Black Planet.

Mandy said...


Spacecraft: ZZ Top's shuttle from Afterburner, 'cause it looks like it could actually get you somewhere without falling apart.

Pilot: Marc Bolan, and I have no idea why. When I picture a comedy in outerspace, and a pilot sitting there, he fits best.

Crew: Definitely the Bee Gees. Come on, could you really want someone else to crew your magical space odyssey? Eventual annoyance does not count here.

Killing device: retro laser gun for sure! No question. I am soooooo cool.

Pet: Tough, but I'll take the metal falcon. That thing looks like its own killing device. And the goats would *stink.* And that ape thing would definitely kill you in your sleep. And who wants such a sad dog around, giving you mopey eyes.

Planet: Originally I was goign to go with Asia's Alpha, but upon closer inspection, I pick Yes' Relayer. It's cold, and actually does have life. At first I thought I'd starve on its icy land, but that snake looks like decent eating.

Jaime said...

I just want the retro gun, David Bowie and that three legged dog.

That sounds wrong doesn't it.

Evan said...

1. Boston's Guitar Ship, because it's freaking epic.

2. Elton John - the rocket man

3. Strange Day's misfits...that would be a party!

4. Molly Hatchet.

5. 3-legged dog.

6. Grand Illusion! It's like being high without being high!

chandra said...

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