Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Beg of You!

It's not often I ask something of you few readers who are still around. This time I'm going to. On Tuesday, the first season of the best shows on television was released: "Friday Night Lights" I know I raved about the show in previous posts, but it clearly didn't make much of an impact. I know the idea of watching a show about high school football in Texas doesn't sound appealing. Trust me it's more than that. I'm not asking you to buy the box set or anything, just please Netflix it. Give it five episodes, and I'm certain you will be hooked. Once hooked you have till early October, when the second season begins, to catch up on all the episodes. Then you will tell your friends about this great show they've been missing out on. Then it grows from there, and maybe we can keep this show on a couple more season. Just try it, for me, please? Even bobby was intrigued with what he saw of the show. Bill Simmons on calls it "the greatest sports show since The White Shadow."


Ben said...

NBC has also made the entire season available on-line at if people don't want to wait for Netflix.

Mandy said...

I am repulsed in the core of my being by the concept of this show. However, once settled in at school I'll try at least two episodes.

Plus, look at those girls on the cover--not appealing! They're poooosers. I suppose they're also actresses, which means that they *have* to be posers. And by posers I mean, literally, they like to pose.

This comment is way too harsh.

faith said...

I have a friend who likes this show but she is also 19 and like Justin I automatically decided that there was no way I would like it. I have no 'Netflix' to give it a chance....but that's ok, I think I will live.