Sunday, July 08, 2007

My Favorite Movies of the First Half of the Year 2007


bobby said...

Lookout: too many story issues to be a great movie, but a great performance by JGL.
Hot Fuzz: 100 percent enjoyable.
The Host: great, if you love bad monster movies, which I do.
Knocked Up: after awhile you don't hear the f-bombs anymore; very funny, and remarkably warm, like a good poop.

Bradford said...

If I remember correctly in our discussion the issues you had with the story were more taste than actual structure problems.

bobby said...

When his tortured past has zero bearing on the story we're watching, except to give us a kind of mood, that's a structure problem. And when the girl that's been set up from the beginning to become his love interest disappears three quarter from the end, that's also a structure problem. Finally, when the person he has to rescue at the end is his annoying blind roommate instead of the girl, that shines a light on "las problemas de structura."