Monday, July 23, 2007

Movies That Suck Sunday II

Conquest (There is a trailer but it is unfortunately NSFW)Quote of the Night: "Speeeeeeeeeeeeed!"

There was also much rocking.


bobby said...

You didn't mention the alter call after The Apple, when half of the group got saved.

Bradford said...

I simply rededicated my life after the Apple with the hopes of one day following the golden Rolls Royce.

Jaime said...

I so thoroughly enjoyed both of those videos. I think that's why I enjoy Bollywood so much--90% fall into the movies that suck category.

Are you still looking for a name for these unholy gatherings? I think Sucktastic should be in the title somewhere--Sucktastic Sundays ... Sucktastic Cinema... Sucktastic Cinema Sundays ... hmmm, perhaps I'm a little too enamored with alliteration.