Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What the Hell Happened Last Night?

My voice is shot and it's not from watching Game 6. My condolences to all my Dallas readers. I've felt your pain as recently as 2003.

But on to the crazy night I had last night.

I think Tim was there.

I saw a lot of spandex.

I saw some midgets fighting.

I saw burlesque with a political edge.

I saw a nurse inject a a crazy chicken that contracted the bird flu from a midget chicken.

I might have seen a reincarnated Liberace.

And I think it all happened in a wrestling ring.

What I do know is you have never experienced anything like Lucha Vavoooooooom!

And to think tonight I have the Twilight Singers concert. I haven't had back to back genius nights like this since forever.

1 comment:

Lindsay A. said...

WTF......that is weird but hilarious....the bird flu thing...definitely weird....I know you have seen Nacho Libre...or are at least have your ticket.....just the little I know of you seem like your type of flick..