Friday, December 17, 2010

Snobfest 2010!

It is that time again kids! Actually it's a bit early, but patience is not something in which I excel. Anyway, here is Snobfest 2010! A collection of some of my favorite songs from 2010. There should be at least one song on here for someone. Except for the hip-hop fans. All my favorite hip-hop tracks were from artists on previous Snobfests or just too popular. Hit the link below for the zip file. You can also buy the songs on iTunes just search for Snobfest 2010. The iTunes playlist is short a few songs because they don't have the tracks. Either way, enjoy. If you would actually like a hard copy on disk with artwork rather than make your own let me know.


Directions: Download and unzip file. Put file in music folder. In iTunes select "import playlist" and choose the Snobfest 2010 text file in folder. Print jpg cover if you want

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