Friday, January 25, 2008

Snobfest 2007: The Movies

Once - Is there a more tonally satisfying last shot than the one in this movie?

No Country for Old Men - If you had to be stalked by either Michael Myers or Anton, who would you choose? I think I'd go Myers.

Hot Fuzz - I really wish "By the power of Greyskull" would have caught on as a catch phrase for 2007.

The Lookout - ...

Juno - Went in expecting another Little Miss Sunshine, but was pleasantly surprised. I am getting awfully tired of these Mod/60's folk/ indie rock soundtracks. I thought Wes Anderson already called dibs on all the Kinks songs? The duet at the end though made it worth it. Is anyone else surprised that we haven't tired of Michael Cera's schtick? This sounds like I'm backhand complimenting the movie. I really enjoyed it. Loved the parents. Loved how it didn't stick with Garner's character being the "bad" one in the marriage. Very funny.

Ratatouille - With this gem, The Incredibles, and The Iron Giant, Brad Bird has his trifecta. I guess that's why he's moving on to direct live action.

3:10 to Yuma - Maybe I just sorely missed a good western, but I enjoyed this movie immensely.

Knocked Up - Apatow still needs an editor, but he's consistent.

Misc. Honors:

Best Efficient Action Movie with a Crappy Sucker Punch Message Ending: The Kingdom

Best I Shouldn't be Enjoying this Movie as Much as I am to the Extent that I'm Feeling a Little Guilty About it Movie: Shoot 'em Up

Best Beautiful Mess of a Movie: There Will Be Blood - I like that this movie has brought out A Reader's Manifesto type criticism. I think it fits. At times I was annoyed and at times bewildered and at times enamored. I fully support this movie and the experimentation of it, but I didn't love it.

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