Wednesday, December 05, 2007

May I Suggest a Myspace Page...No Really...This Is Not a Joke

There is actually one thing that myspace is good for. Among all the page designs that can cause epilepsy, and never ending random friend requests from strange porn sites -I mean women (Candee does not really want to be your friend.) myspace is actually pretty good for both finding music and putting your music out there. Every time I hear or read about a band I can usually go to myspace and listen to three or four songs.

It turns out one the friends of this blog has decided to put his music out there, and I thought it would be only right to share. M.O.L. Jr. aka Fauss aka Ronnie Fauss has a myspace page and I highly suggest you check it out. Why would you want to do that you might ask? Good question. There's a really good chance you will like the music, and then you will tell a friend, and they will tell a friend, and so on till 50 years later people will be arguing who was the better Ronnie: Van Zant or Fauss? It could happen. You would also be supporting an all around good guy, and you will feel good by supporting a him. So at least do it for yourself. And if you happen to also have a myspace page why don't you friend request him and tell him how much you enjoy his music. He needs all the ego boosting he can get. So here we go the glorious myspace page of Ronnie Fauss. Enjoy.

Now is the time to enact the fairness doctrine. See I actually did remember something from Dr. Baker's law class on media. If I pimp one friend's music I must pimp everyone's.

I've discussed this artist before but I shall remind you. The Sound and the Fury has recorded some heartbreaking music as Blackbird Harmony. You can take a listen here.

Finally, you know him as the plumber, some know him as Dal, and some just know of him. He too has taken to blessing us with some ditties. Dal's myspace page.

My job is done here. You still have to go listen.


B Kessler said...

May not be worth a mention you your blog, but:

has been there for awhile, and I admit to putting no recent work, effort, or attention into it for quite some time...

sound/fury said...

thanks, bradford!!!!!!

- eb from bh

Jiff said...

There's no new posting, here, so this is my only place to comment... I pour a little out for your Buckeyes, last night, man. Sorry.