Monday, September 24, 2007

Why Madden Frustrates Me

This can probably apply to all video games, but it begins and ends with Madden. It is called the "No F-ing Way Game." Those who play Madden know what this is and there are numerous terms for it. I'm sticking with "No F-ing Way Game" because that is what I always yell when it happens. The worst example I have happened last night. I was six games into my franchise season as the Buffalo Bills. I was also 6-0. I can't score a lot of points, but my defense is an expert at the bend but don't break. So I'm playing the Ravens last night. I pull off a great 35 yard run for a TD. I'm feeling pretty good. Then the Ravens score a TD where the running back broke about six tackles and goes in for the TD. Alright, that's fine. I can handle this. On the ensuing kickoff, my return man fumbles the ball and it is run back for a TD. Now, I'm a little miffed, but I can come back. On the next ensuing kickoff my return man fumbles again, they return it to the two yard line, and score another TD. Now, it is taking all the self control in the world not to hurl the controller through my window. Still, I'm confident I can make a game at this. On the next ensuing kickoff, you guessed it my return man fumbles again and they return it for a TD. Madden has once again made sure there is "No F-ing Way" I'm winning this game.
I do though get within ten, and intercept a pass into the flats. I even run that interception back for a TD, only to have it called back for clipping. Which is again ridiculous. There is no reason for clipping on that type of interception because there is no one that needs to be blocked.

This is my problem with Madden. It always feels like you are playing against a stacked deck. You can dominate, but the game will always rig things every now and then to humble you. Do you want to try to score before the game ends even though you are leading because you want to practice your two minute drill? The game will punish you for that. You will not be allowed to run up the score. You will not be allowed to do anything out of the norm for a football game. It is you against the machine, and the machine holds the power. Yet, I keep coming back.


Jeff said...

Bill Simmons has a great podcast all about Madden 08 AND the history of electronic football. It's wonderful.

He and his buddy talk, at length, about the No Fing Way Game. They even said they'd talked to a guy at EA who confirmed that the game is set up to actually do that.

But, Simmons' buddy talked about how, though, there's no greater feeling than actually pulling it out and WINNING a No Fing Way Game.

Heroes? Halo?

Bradford said...

Yeah, Bill Simmons has mentioned the No F-ing Way game before in is column. I liked their discussion about when you are allowed to hit the restart button in a season. Heroes is coming soon. I got Halo this morning. I should finish it by Monday and will have something then.

Jennifer Elizabeth said...

I like your choice in teams (Dan will kill me for saying that--but don't I get to show a little pride in my city?)