Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Snobfest 2012

Let's try it this way. Here's the download link for Snobfest 2012. As always this is to introduce you to these bands. Help those artists you like by purchasing their albums.

Snobfest 2012

Friday, December 17, 2010

Snobfest 2010!

It is that time again kids! Actually it's a bit early, but patience is not something in which I excel. Anyway, here is Snobfest 2010! A collection of some of my favorite songs from 2010. There should be at least one song on here for someone. Except for the hip-hop fans. All my favorite hip-hop tracks were from artists on previous Snobfests or just too popular. Hit the link below for the zip file. You can also buy the songs on iTunes just search for Snobfest 2010. The iTunes playlist is short a few songs because they don't have the tracks. Either way, enjoy. If you would actually like a hard copy on disk with artwork rather than make your own let me know.


Directions: Download and unzip file. Put file in music folder. In iTunes select "import playlist" and choose the Snobfest 2010 text file in folder. Print jpg cover if you want

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snobfest 2008: The Songs

Snobfest 2008: The Songs is available for download here. A more detailed description of the songs is forthcoming.

Track List:

Party Crashin'-Evangelicals- The Evening Descends
A-Punk- Vampire Weekend- Vampire Weekend
Cross the Fader- Poney Poney- Cross The Fader EP
First Taste of Trouble- the Sweet Serenades- First Taste
Sweet Darlin'- She & Him- Volume One
Moving- Pete And The Pirates- Little Death
Feedback in the Field- Plants and Animals- Parc Avenue
It's Over- Leatherbag- Love & Harm
Bright Side- The Muslims- The Muslims
Somebody, Somewhere- Cazals- Somebody, Somewhere
Dead Boys- The Fashion- Like Knives EP
Run To Your Grave- The Mae Shi- HLLLYL
Breaking It Up- Lykke Li- Youth Novels
Light Of Love- Music Go Music- Light Of Love
Fascination- Alphabeat- This is Alphabeat
I Like It, I Love It- Lyrics Born- I Like It, I Love It
Perfect Games- The Broken West- Now or Heaven?
If I Can See You (You're Too Close To Me)- Gentleman Jesse- Gentleman Jesse
I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked- Ida Maria- Fortress Round My Heart
I Need A Good Girl- Black and Whites- DMR 017
Set in Stone- Catfish Haven- Devastator
The '59 Sound- The Gaslight Anthem- The '59 Sound
Front Street- The Gutter Twins- Saturnalia

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas List (Family Only)

For the guitar pedals, I will gladly accept used and functioning pedals from craigslist or ebay.

Dunlop Crybaby Wah

Boss RC-2 Loop Station

Chorus Pedal

Fallout 3

Canon CanoScan 8800F

Rock Band 2 Drum set

Diana+ Wide & Closeup Lens

Chicago Cubs Hat

Guitar Strap (black or brown)


Money for an acoustic guitar

Sweaters (solid muted colors size L or Tall L)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Ramblings (AKA How Was Your Weekend? II)

I went to my first surprise birthday party ever. There is something odd about surprise birthday parties, particularly if you've only met the the surprisee twice. There's that awkward silence where everyone waits for the surprisee to walk through the door. They walk through the door. Everyone yells surprise. I mumble so as not to draw attention to myself. Then I slowly back away while everyone that knows the person goes in for hugs. What am I supposed to do? Go in to wish someone a happy birthday to someone I don't know? I'm just there for the food, and to hang out with people I know. I thought for a moment that I could have avoided the whole surprise moment by hanging out in the bathroom. Then I realized if I ended up having to wait in the bathroom for an extended period of time it would be more embarrassing.

I also realized that I feel old hanging out with 20 somethings.

Watched the Cubs clinch their division Saturday. They are one win away from securing home field advantage through the playoffs. This really has been a rather magical season. I hope it continues.

I finished playing The Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. While it has a few camera issues, and there is some rather difficult sections that just show up, the story is pretty good. It also never gets tiring using force combos that sends a Stormtrooper hurling in the air. SPOILERS DON'T READ THE FOLLOWING BOB: Basically you play as Darth Vader's apprentice and start taking out the Jedi that have gone into hiding. You are then tasked with pretending to be a good guy and flush out those who would oppose the Emperor. Darth Vader double crosses you and your realize your true path as a Jedi. You get to then kick Darth Vader and the Emperor's ass. You save Princess Leah and Jimmy Smitts. Then you die, and the Rebel Alliance is formed because of you. They even use your family crest as the symbol for the Rebel Alliance. There are a couple problems with a story that is in fact better than the last three Star Wars disasters. First, you get double crossed by Darth Vader twice. Twice! I realize you're Vader's apprentice, and he raised you from a young boy, but twice? Second, after being able to kick Vader and the Emperor's asses back to back, how is it Skywalker is the chosen one? Third, I'm tired of the whole Jedi way of don't kill the head bad guy or you'll be a bad guy too. What about the thousands of stormtroopers I killed just to get here? I can kill them, but not the Emperor? So you are standing there ready to kill the Emperor, and everybody runs up to saying, "Don't kill him or you'll become evil." Only I'm thinking, "Look guys, I know how this turns out. I will be saving a lot a people a lot of trouble if I do this. Besides, I've only been a Jedi for about an hour." Still, it is very well acted, it looks great, and having the ability to use the force is always fun. I do recommend it for you Star Wars fans out there.

And of course there is Rock Band 2. You can download nearly all of the original game's songs onto your hard drive, so there is no changing of disks to play all of the songs. There are some great song choices on Rock Band 2. The list of upcoming downloadable songs and albums looks very promising as well. The plan is to have 500 songs available by the end of the year. 500.

For the first time ever, I think I'm going to become a member of the church I attend. For those of you who know my cynical tendency toward churches will realize this is a pretty big deal.

This unfortunately has led to me signing up for the church retreat this weekend. I am going to be in nature with a bunch of strangers, and no way out. It will be fun. It will be fun. It will be fun.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It Was Only a Matter of Time...Sigh.

As bobby noted, where is the Stryper? And to prove my knowledge of Old School Christian Metal...Where is the Bride, Holy Soldier, Barren Cross, X-Sinner, Angelica, or Shout? If this game included those songs I would buy it...maybe...if I found it in the bargain bin.

Monday, September 15, 2008

So How Was Your Weekend?

Here's a little breakdown of the events involved in my weekend.

Friday Night: I had begun taking some new medication on Thursday, and began to start feeling a little warm Friday. By Friday night I felt like I was a walking furnace. This lead to...

Saturday Morning: I spent my time trying to get a hold of my personal doctors. Failing at that, I finally relented and went the ER.

Saturday Afternoon: Here's a couple things I realized while at the hospital. 1. I am oddly "at home" when I'm in the hospital. I am very comfortable and have zero anxiety when in a hospital. 2. If the person drawing your blood has the word "intern" on his scrubs or badge or name tag, immediately ask for someone else. Otherwise you will end up with this scenario.

Intern: Man, what am I forgetting? Oh the tubes.

Intern: You are going to feel a little prick...Whoops. Man, that's getting everywhere.

You look down and see he didn't cap the needle right and your precious blood is pumping out of the needle like a those crappy serenity fountains.

Four hours later I was finally discharged and told I was having an allergic reaction to the medicine, but it was not a life threatening reaction.

That left me about two hours to do a load of laundry, practice guitar, and drive up to the Hollywood Forever cemetery where they were showing Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Sure I should have probably canceled considering the state I was in, but obligation, obligation, obligation. And a girl was involved.

Trying to find the girl I was meeting there (for the first time) and her friends I realized how completely awful my eyes are at night. I couldn't see the group ten feet in front of me. Ten feet!

Side note: Walking through the graveyard I noticed a trend of the face of the deceased being engraved on the tombstone. But all the pictures are clearly from their deathbed or at least close to it. Wouldn't you want to have the best picture of you during your prime years engraved on your tombstone? But why the faces on the tombstone in first place? Is it for the benefit of strangers passing by? Why do strangers need to know what your loved one looks like? Unless they are or at one point were extremely attractive. I could see that scenario as bragging or trying to get a little bit more sympathy. "Poor guy. His wife was smokin' hot!" Maybe you are afraid family members will forget your name? "Mom's buried here somewhere, if only I could remember her name."

Anyway an enjoyable time at the movie where Paul Rubens himself introduced the movie and made funny with some anecdotes.

It might have been the contact high I was getting from some movie goers around me, but despite feeling like a walking furnace it was an enjoyable evening.

Sunday I picked up Rock Band 2 on the way to church. I felt a little guilty about it. Should I have bought it after church? But it was kind of on the way, and what if they sold out? That fact that I was getting hot flashes during the church service did not assuage my guilt.

Lunch with bobby and Aubrey and Mohr and other people. Enjoyed some the delicious cajun white beans at Wahoos.

Played Rock Band 2 and apparently reopened my vein they took the blood from. It's not a pretty sight.

Watched the ESPN cutaway to Big Z throwing a no hitter against the Astros.

Watched True Blood which is really not that good, but the cliff hanger endings of the episodes always reels me back in.

So that was my weekend: ER, Hollywood Cemetery, Paul Rubens, and Rock Band 2.